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Candy 25 Litres 5 Star Water Heater with Free Installation (CM25LV, White)

Key Features:

  • Activ Guard
  • Crystal Blue Glass Lined Inner Tank
  • Incoloy 800 Heating Element
  • Over Heating Protection
  • 5 Star Rating
  • 3 Year Warranty on Product + 7 Year Warranty on Tank
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Activ Guard-

Activ Guard

This technology ensures electrically safe usage even with Poor / No proper earthing at point of usage, Making it a safe device to use.

Over Heating Protection-

Over Heating Protection

Overheat protection feature enables internal safety due to excess heating that will automatically turn off the heater if internal temperature exceed a safe limit with a thermal shut-off system,

5 Star Rating-

5 Star Rating

Candy Water Heater is a 5 Star Rated Product , which offer great performance and consume minimum energy.



Product Comes with a overall Warranty of 7 Years with 3 Years on Product & 7 Years on tank.

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General Information

  • Product Type

    Water Heater

  • Model Number


  • Model Year


  • Colour


  • Item Shape


  • Power Source

    Corded Electric

  • Included Components

    1 unit of Water Geyser, Multi function safty valve

  • Length

    40.4 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage

    220 V

  • Heat Output

    75 Degrees

  • Maximum Pressure

    8 Bars

  • Width

    36.76 cm

Capacity & Dimensions

  • Capacity

    25 L

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation

    12.7 Kg

  • Weight

    12.7 Kg

  • Height

    58.1 cm

Manufacturer & Warranty Details

  • Warranty Description

    3 year on Product & 7year on Tank

  • Country of Origin


Buy Candy Storage Water Heater Online

After a long and exhausting day at work, we all desire a warm and relaxing bath. Who doesn't like warm showers, especially on a chilly winter day? It has a calming effect on both the physical and mental health of an individual. But for the perfect warm, relaxing shower, you need the ideal water geyser. With the Candy storage water heater, everybody can enjoy this modest luxury. Furthermore, when compared to other types of electric water heaters available, our storage water heater online is a cost-effective solution. 

Shopping for products online has become more and more prevalent with the onset of the pandemic.Why step out and inconvenience yourself when you can stay home and order your beloved water heater with a single click. We've improved the accessibility of our products as well as the purchasing process. You can now easily buy Candy 25L Geyser online without any hassles and problems.

Before buying a 25L Geyser online there are several things that must be considered. The environment or temperatures you live in determine how much hot water you require on a daily basis. This is also contingent on the number of members in your family and the various reasons you use hot water for. Usually for a family of 4-5 people who use hot water on a daily basis, especially during winters, a 25L Geyser online should suffice.

Easy Shopping With Candy

On our official Candy Appliances India website, you can check out all the information necessary for your purchase on our website and buy the one that suits your needs the best from Amazon, Flipkart or Tata Cliq.

Make sure you know the size of your bathroom, the size of your family, your daily average hot water requirement, your budget and electricity consumption limits before you start looking for a water geyser online. This will help you streamline your online shopping process. For more information, check out our water heaters specifications and features. 

Buying a 25L geyser online is a one time investment, you must make sure you are buying the best quality product that is durable and safe. Candy Water Geysers are efficient and last you long for years. Depending on your hot water requirements, you can choose the capacity of geyser you wish to buy for your washroom. Also, always ensure that you check the space in the washroom where the geyser is to be installed. 

Looking for a Safe Electric Water 25L Geyser Online?

High water pressure and temperature levels can put a lot of strain on a storage water heater. The components of the system and cables are likewise exposed to extreme power and energy on a constant basis. As a result, when shopping for a decent electric water heater, a buyer should always prioritise the device's safety features. 

Long-lasting thermal components and a fire-resistant cord are included in the Candy storage water heater. A majority of them are equipped with dry heat safety, power outage protection, and an automated overheating safety switch to prevent accidents. Shower securely while the heating element is turned on. With innovative Active Guard technology, there is no need to turn off the water heater any longer.There is also an external thermostat that may be adjusted for ease of use.

Candy has an incoloy 800 Heating element which is made of a super alloy. This makes the water heater components resistant to high temperatures and keeps you safe. 

The Best Electric Water Heater Design

Due to the introduction of different ergonomically designed characteristics in our storage water geyser range, Candy's products focus on exhibiting great operational efficiency. Because an electric water heater is frequently exposed to high temperatures and water, it's critical to ensure that the chambers and exteriors are rust-free and don't lose heat. 

As a result, we've incorporated technologies like Activ Guard , crystal blue glass-lined inner water tanks, robust copper-wire heat exchangers, and modern surface designs made of thermo-resistant plastic. For an appealing aesthetic style, Candy water heaters are available in different sizes and capacities. Our storage water heaters come in multiple capacities of sizes, with storage capacities ranging from 3 to 25 litres.

Know More About Advanced Water Heater Features

We at Candy Appliances are always striving to deliver the most cutting-edge technological breakthroughs to our customers through our Appliances. Besides the aspect that our consumers may now purchase a storage water heater online, we are also always looking for ways to improve the functioning of our appliances, ensuring that they meet our high standards of quality and efficiency. 

Our storage water heater selection wins hands down. It provides consistent great results over a lengthy period of time, as seen by our warranty durations. Activ Guard Technology that prevents earthing in any condition & keeps safe from earthing, Crystal blue glass-lined inner tank are  just a few of the technical features available on our storage water heaters. Furthermore, many of our solutions come with double heat protection and overpressure protection which keeps your water geyser durable for years. Our water heaters are designed to withstand higher water pressure and work in high-rise complexes with ease.

Specifications for Candy Water Geyser Online

Candy water geysers have several features that make them stand out from the rest of the water geysers online. It has reverse Incoloy 800 heating element, Activ guard technology ensures that the gadget is electrically safe to use even if the earthing is poor or non-existent at the point of use, making it a reliable equipment for daily use. Interior safety is enabled by the overheat protection feature, which immediately turns off the heater if the internal temperature exceeds a safe level via a thermal shut-off technology.
Candy water heaters can withstand water pressure upto 8 bar and  is a 5-star energy efficient, making our electric water heater best in the market.  

User Guides

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