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Candy 43 Inch LED Full HD Smart TV, C43KA66

  • Smart AI
  • Bezel-Less Super Slim European Design
  • 60 Hz rate with Dobly Audio
  • Voice-Enabled
  • Access to Playstore
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Smart AI-Smart AI- Candy 43 Inch TV

Smart AI

Smart AI Technology allows smooth transitioning of daily tasks with just a press of button

Voice Enabled -Voice Enabled Feature- Candy 43 inch TV

Voice Enabled

Enabled with voice control functions by Google Assistant, give orders and multitask with ease

Android Technology-Android Technology- Candy 43 inch TV

Android Technology

It will support up to date applications to let you stay ahead of the curve

IoT Hub -IOT Hub- Candy 43 inch TV

IoT Hub

Doing simple chores and accessing the features is now easy with Candy's IoT Hub.

Bezel Less Super Slim European Design-Bezel Less Super Slim European Design - Candy 43 inch TV

Bezel Less Super Slim European Design

The high definition picture quality allows you to see even minuscule detail on the screen

Acess to Playstore -Easy to access playstore- Candy 43 inch TV

Acess to Playstore

Now you can download your favourite apps and access it as per your mood

Built In Chromecast-Built in chromecast feature- Candy 43 inch TV

Built In Chromecast

This feature allows you to access content from your phone on your TV easily

60 Hz rate with Dobly Audio -60 Hz Rate With Dobly Audio - Candy 43 inch TV

60 Hz rate with Dobly Audio

Accompanied by high quality Dolby Audio, now you can hear the real sound effect

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  • Design

    Bezel Less

  • Backlight Technology


  • Display Resolution

    1920x1080(Full HD)

  • Contrast Ratio


  • Viewing Angle

    178/178 deg.

  • Refresh Rate

    60 Hz

  • Capacity (Inch)



  • Speaker Type

    Down Firing Box speakers

  • Sound output


  • Surround Sound Technology

    Dolby Audio

OS & Features

  • OS

    Android 9.0

  • SoC

    MSTAR MSD6683

  • CPU

    ARM A53 *4 @ 1.1GHz

  • GPU

    Mali 470 MP3

  • Memory/Flash

    1 GB DDR3/ 8 GB eMMC

  • Built In Chromecast


  • Google Voice Assistance


  • Apps

    Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube

  • Owned Launcher


  • Colour


  • Star Rating

    3 Star


  • HDMI

    HDMI 1.4*3

  • USB Version

    USB 2.0 * 2

  • TF Card (MicroSD)


  • AV Input


  • YPbPr


  • Headphone Out




  • Bluetooth


  • Wi-Fi Standard

    802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz

  • LAN


  • Analog Tuner



  • TV Remote

    Voice enabled Remote

  • Warranty

    1 Year, 2 Years Panel

  • Sensy TV Guide

    Not Available

  • Accessories

    TV, Base stand, Stand Screw, Remote, Battery, User Manual

Buy Candy 43 Inch LED Full HD Smart TV Online

Are you making plans to buy a television to revamp your experience with advanced technology? 
Television is an integral part of our lives, whether you are obsessed with cinema or a sports fanatic, or someone who likes to stay up to date with current affairs and music or engage with cultural and educational content. Therefore, making the right choice is of utmost importance. When compared to other televisions available in the market, Candy LED TV has more to offer at a budget-friendly cost. 

Easy Online Shopping With Candy

You can buy your 43 inch Candy LED TV without stepping outside your house from our online website. We present to you two different sized LED TVs to fit your furnishings and aesthetic requirements. We understand that buying an LED TV is an investment, so our 43 inch Candy LED TV offers you the best features at pocket friendly prices. 

Smart AI

The 43 inch Candy LED smart TV offers easy functionality by using Smart AI technology. This means that you can watch top quality content without any difficulty or disturbance. We have all had days when we saw our screens freezing in the middle of a jaw clenching match but with your new Candy purchase you will not have to worry about interruptions. Candy LED TVs are fit to handle all your everyday requirements with just one click. 

Voice Enabled

Our LED TV is provisioned with Google voice assistant that caters to all your needs. You can easily multitask while reciting orders to your Candy LED TV. Change channels, control volume, shift settings all at the command of your voice. Watching television has never been this easy. 

Android Technology

We value your needs. Our 43 inch Candy LED TVs come with Android Technology that has all the apps and keeps them updated. So you never face any interruptions in your viewing experience and remain ahead of the game. Our aim is to improve your viewing experience with technology that you are familiar with and understand. 

IoT Hub


IoT hub feature is a one-stop-shop where you can find all your functions, apps and settings. Our versatile 43 inch Candy LED TV can turn into your go-to device which gives you easy access to a cloud that stores all your data and connects your devices. We provide a premium user experience that keeps you coming back for more. 

​​Bezel Less Super Slim European Design

Buy the 43 inch smart   LED TV and watch every detail come to life. Our products’ high definition picture quality will turn the virtual world into a close reality for you as you personally experience the show. Candy strives to immerse all your senses and encounter every multiverse personally. 

Built-In Chromecast

Now you can effectively switch your apps to a bigger screen and enjoy the experience life sized. Bringing more details to life with our built-in chrome cast feature, buying our 43 inch smart TVs became that much harder to resist.

60Hz Rate With Dolby Audio

All Candy LED TVs come armed with Dolby Audio so that you hear even a pin-drop-silence. We believe in leaving our audience mesmerized and our surround sound system clarity will have you jumping out of your seats.  

Access To Playstore

Google Play Store has everything that your smart TV may need. Google is the authenticated space for everyone. You can download Android Apps, read unlimited books, watch videos, listen to your favorite music, and browse the movies section. You get to enjoy HD quality content at low prices. Download your favorite apps and access it as per your mood. 

No User Manual Available

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