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Legacy, History & Everything You Need To Know

Hello reader! Welcome to the world of Candy Appliances, a place where we help you upgrade your quality of life. Candy started way back in 1945 in a small workshop in Italy. Since then, we have only grown bigger and stronger, bringing home European style across the globe. This blog is a little insight into who we are. Let’s get started, shall we?

Who We are 

A European brand at heart, we at Candy believe in innovating and creating better technology to simplify your life by providing your homes with a broad spectrum of reliable, risk-free and premium quality products. We have always strived to provide products that give our customers the best value for their money and keep looking for ways to make life easier and upgrade your life at home. 

Over the years, we have created efficient, accessible technologies across a wide variety of home appliances product categories. What makes Candy stand out from the rest are its modern, sleek and aesthetic designs, attention to detail and strong attitude towards creating a contemporary and quality lifestyle with a European Touch. But how exactly did we come into the picture?

How It All Began 

It all began back in 1945 when there was a small workshop called the Eden Fumagalli Mechanical Workshop in Monza that used to manufacture precision machine instruments. They created the Model 50, the world's first all-Italian washing machine, which was unveiled at the 1946 Milan Trade Fair. Candy was founded in the same year. The company’s official name was changed to Candy after a popular song back then, called Candy by a famous singer Nat King Cole. 

The endeavour into home appliances commenced when Enzo, one of the three Fumagalli siblings, sent early designs of a washing machine from the United States, where he was a prisoner of war. His brother Niso, who had founded the appliance business alongside their father Eden, oversaw the transition to washing machine development and manufacture, while Peppino, the younger brother, established the firm's management and administration structure. Thus the company was born. 

Down The Memory Lane 

Since 1945, Candy has founded and patented several innovative products in the home appliance category. Let us dig into some of Candy’s historical achievements over the years.
Candy soon came up with Model 45, a 3kg capacity washing machine heater and drain pump, after securing patents for the first dishwasher. The Candy Matic was introduced in 1954 with the phrase "Thanks a lot, it's Candy."

In 1955, we launched our very first foreign subsidiary in France and soon opened up in Germany in 1958. In 1957, we also created the very first semi-automatic washing machine called BiMatic. 

Going ahead, the world witnessed the first Candy dishwasher called the Stipomatic being launched in 1966 followed by the Superautomatic 98, the first washing machine with 6 wash programmes and a pre-wash cycle in 1968. 
With people becoming more aware of environmental issues, Candy started innovating appliances that were eco-friendly and energy-efficient under the campaign, "Candy helps you not to waste. The light, the stuff, the detergent". In 1981, we launched T3, the world's first-ever freezer with three separate temperature zones and we also manufactured the first freezer with no frost technology.

We soon came up with newer and better innovations like Combichef, the first oven with both traditional cooking and microwave functions. Candy’s growth and reached kept growing and by 2002 we were exporting to 111 countries. 
2000 Onwards 

Our strive towards innovating better technology has never stopped. In the past 20 odd years, we have continued expanding with state-of-the-art products like GrandÓ, a washing machine with the largest porthole on the market; Duo, a multifunction electric oven and dishwasher; GrandOvita which broke records with Mix Power System + and perfect wash in only 59 minutes and our favourite simply-Fi, the first full range of Wi-Fi connected appliances.

Recently, in 2020 we launched Nova, a new fully-connected washing machine fully manageable by smartphone via the hOn App, taking innovation and connectivity to the next level. 

To Sum It Up 

These are just a few of the feathers on our cap, there’s so much more. Our legacy and history speak volumes about Candy, our values and our goals. We wish to simplify the lives of those around us and make your life easier, every step of the way, every single day. Candy strives to make your home a place you can relax in, feel happy about and create memories with the ones you love.

Say goodbye to the hassles that make your life at home difficult, come be a part of the Candy family. And the next time someone asks you, ‘What makes a place home?’ Remember, it’s the people, the memories and of course, Candy. 


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