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Who likes sleeping amidsta cacophony? Let’s paint you a picture. Imagine it’s a hot summer afternoon.You are sound asleep and are lost in your world of dreams, relishing yourfavorite ice-cream sundae when suddenly a bee starts buzzing in your ears or worse,someone starts cleaning (read: breaking) utensils in the kitchen! Soundshorrible right?

Now imagine, it’s not abuzzing bee or an annoying noise-maker, but it’s your old Air Conditionermaking the weirdest noises possible. What do you do? Wave goodbye to yourafternoon naps in the cool breeze and let your sundae dreams melt away? Nah,get home a Split Inverter Air Conditioner and enjoy summer naps like neverbefore.

But wait, how does thatwork? How exactly do Dual DC Inverter ACs function without creating any noise?Let’s solve this mystery, shall we?

How do Inverter ACsWork?

DualDC Inverter ACs work by controlling the frequency to change the cooling orheating capacity of their inverter air conditioner compressor. This sametechnology is also used in other home appliances to help control voltage andfrequency.

Thesetypes of ACs consume much less power as they change the compressor speed tocontrol the refrigerant flow rate. By bringing the room temperature to yourdesired level, the inverter will adjust its output energy by itself to makesure that there are no further fluctuations in temperature.

Non-inverterACs on the other hand, need to stop and start their compressors each time theywish to control the room temperature. This constant turning on and off of theAC leads to a significant increase in power consumption as well as extremetemperature fluctuations. Inverter ACs keep the temperature constant, resultingin better chills and lesser bills!

Low Noise Functioning

Now that you know how SplitInverter ACs work, here’s the secret behind the great mystery- how do they workwithout creating a ruckus?

As Inverter ACs work at a veryslow speed, they run super silently. Also, as the compressor works bycontrolling the power supply,  it doesnot need constant switching on and off over and over again. This is what bringsdown the compressor noise and makes your afternoon naps feel like bliss!

Other Reasons ForPeaceful Naps with Inverter Air Conditioners

  1. Save Energy, Save Bills

When you know that your AC hasan Eco-mode which saves power, you no longer have nightmares about page-long,exorbitant bills! We know you agree. Get an AC that’s heavy on cooling andlight on your wallet. You can also look up Candy Split Inverter Air Conditioneronline.

  1. Faster and Better Chills

Non-inverter ACs find itdifficult to adjust temperature levels and can’t cool rooms faster when youneed to chill. With our level of patience, forget naps, we’d run away from ourrooms! But with Inverter ACs, the compressor works super fast and cools theroom faster than Flash!

  1. Sound Sleep

Your Inverter AC ensures thatthe room temperature is maintained at the level set by you on the thermostatthroughout your naps. So you can sleep in peace without waking up mid-naps toadjust the temperature.

To Sum It Up

Naps areimportant. And we at Candy understand the importance of naps. Be it afternoonnaps, mid-work-from-home snoozes, power naps or a good night’s sleep, we valueyour sleep time as much as you do. Hope this blog helped you understand howInverter ACs work noiselessly.

You cancheck out Candy Appliances for more details and specifications on ACs. If youare looking for an AC, get an Inverter Air Conditioner Online today and enjoynaps as sweet as Candy! 

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